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About the Author


Hey there! My name is Kayley!

Here to learn a little more about me? Step on over my fellow equine lover and let me tell you a bit about myself! 

I have a degree in Equine and Equestrian Management from Wilson College. My heart currently belongs to my two (very different, very special) geldings, Dandy and Pibb. 


Dandy (left) and... Pibb (right)

Dandy is a 31 year old Arabian and was not only my first pony, but my "love at first sight" horse. Pibb, on the other hand, is a 16 year old Paint/Arabian cross with way too much personality. With Dandy now retired to a life of snacks and doting, Pibb has been my primary riding horse/project for the last few years. 

I have loved horses for as long as I can remember, but I did not start riding until I was eight. From then on, my life has practically revolved around these wonderful (and sometimes frustrating) creatures. While I first dabbled in the hunter ring, I found my calling while out jumping cross country and I never looked back. 

As I got older, I began to realize that the only career for me was alongside the animals that I loved and had dedicated most of my life to. This thought eventually brought me to Wilson College, where I spent the next four years learning, growing, and bettering myself and my skills. After graduation, I worked at multiple breeding farms of various sizes, where I absolutely fell in love with all of the young horses, stallions, and broodmares. As for now, I've been working in an equine vet clinic and am learning so much every day. 

Feel free to contact the Equipoise Equestrian email with questions, stories, or recommendations!

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy! 


Pibb and I at his first schooling show


Dandy and I at the 4H State Show

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